Mo-Sys pushes the boundaries of remote and virtual production at NAB Show 2023

Apr 28, 2023

Mo-Sys pushes the boundaries of remote and virtual production at NAB Show 2023

Mo-Sys had a remarkable presence at NAB Show 2023, showcasing the latest technologies for remote and virtual production.

Mo-Sys at NAB Show 2023Mo-Sys at NAB Show 2023


Our team was thrilled to join forces with Mo-Sys Academy graduates Hyper RPG, delivering a unique interactive virtual production demonstration. Visitors to the booth were able to create their own videos and content with the help of the all-new StarTracker Max optical camera tracking system and Mo-Sys VP Pro XR.


In addition to the virtual production demonstration, we exhibited a range of camera robotics, including the new G30 gyro-stabilized head, L40 two-axis head, B20 two-axis remote head, and e-Crane, which is ideal for close-up AR graphics like analysis tables in sports broadcasts. 

Our products were present on several partner booths including LG where we demonstrated MoRail along with bMR and data driven graphics, AOTO, HP, Magicbox, Sony, and Gloshine. Mo-Sys experts took part in two panel sessions at the HP booth this year, discussing virtual production knowledge and novel virtual production technologies. 

We also announced a collaboration with Tata and Net Insight to demonstrate a next-generation remote production solution which allows production and camera crews to work remotely, reducing cost and improving sustainability. The Mo-Sys U50 robotic head provided precise remote control of cameras and box lenses, allowing camera operators to replicate the feel of moving the camera directly.

We are pleased to announce that the StarTracker Max is now available for purchase. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us here.



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