Mo-Sys MoRail
Mo-Sys MoRail 752x818px


High performance motorized rail enabling cost-effective creative PTZ / ENG camera movement within regular or virtual newsroom studios with tracked Unreal graphics

MoRail Product Intro 1256 x 900px
MoRail Product Intro 1256 x 900px

MoRail enables creative moves using PTZ / ENG cameras in a cost-effective, high performance package. The perspective change achieved dramatically improves on the existing static only movement of PTZ cameras, immersing viewers into the studio without the cost and complication of track based dolly systems.

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Cost-effective motorized camera rail

Designed for popular pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) / ENG cameras weighing up to 15kg, MoRail transforms regular static shots into repeatable creative shots with controlled parallax movement. With MoRail, producers can achieve accurate movements during a show without the need to invest in expensive and complex robotics systems.

MoRail Product Detail 1 1920 x 1080px

Controlled movement for creative shots

MoRail delivers a simple yet elegant solution that has the power to transform regular newsroom shots with programmable and live controlled movement. A powerful Mo-Sys controller is used to set rail height and camera position in addition to pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris.

MoRail Above

A new life for PTZ cameras

MoRail gives the PTZ a new creative life by transforming the usefulness of this popular camera format. Production teams can now program accurate and repeatable PTZ movement to traverse, loop and orbit presenters to achieve beautifully smooth and immersive parallax movement.

MoRail Product Detail 2 1920 x 1080 px

Flexible design and quick set up

MoRail is available in 3m lengths, either straight or with a 30-degree curve (4m fixed radius). Up to two lengths can be joined together offering production teams maximum creative freedom. Motorized, height adjustable legs ensure fast studio set up, moving the camera plane quickly between 1025 – 1725mm.

MoRail 536x386
Camera Payload15kg
Number of cameras per rail1
Height adjustable1025 - 1725mm
Max. number of rails joined together2
Options availableStraight / Curved (30 degree/4m fixed radius)
Cable managementIntegral energy chain
Mo-Sys controllerMoRail height, camera movement and PTZ focus, iris & zoom
PTZ compatibilitySony, Canon, Panasonic, BirdDog

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