Mo-Sys is excited to launch its On-set Virtual Production Service in Los Angeles. Perfect for blue/green screen studios, LED volumes and AR, this service is borne out of Mo-Sys’ experiences of working on high end virtual production projects.

Whether you shoot for Film or TV production, our On-set Virtual Production Service will allow you to concentrate on making the important creative decisions, because the lens calibration, the camera tracking, the previz rendering, the data recording and the XR server are all taken care of by us.

On-set virtual production services

The Service

We provide on-set rendering and tracking, plus a dedicated Mo-Sys VP Technician at rates that scale competitively in line with the booking duration. The Technician will always be present, on-set, for the entirety of the shoot. We provide both tracking and rendering for on-set previz, recording all tracking and lens data. We offer the capability to drive an LED volume in final pixel shoots.

Greenscreen virtual production
Mo-Sys On-set VP Services

The Benefits

Virtual Production is a relatively new process providing significant benefits to production companies. Whilst there is significant demand to use Virtual Production, there is a shortage of skilled technicians available who can ensure a virtual production shoot goes smoothly. Mo-Sys’ new On-Set Virtual Production Service enables production companies to shoot whilst learning the techniques and processes of Virtual Production, until they’re comfortable doing it themselves. Or they may choose to continue using the service, whilst they themselves focus on the craft of creating compelling content with the highest production value.

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