Unreal Engine 5.1

Nov 17, 2022

Unreal Engine 5.1

We are very excited to allow our customers to take immediate advantage of all Epic's Virtual Production updates for Unreal 5.1. Unreal 5 is now Virtual Production ready!

Release notes:

  • Lens Tweaker improvements (Beta)
  • Support for anamorphic lenses
  • Fix authentication with non-standard characters
  • Update NearTime render panel (NearTime licence)
  • Pre-Keyer performance improvements (VFX license)
  • Garbage matte improvements in Pre-Keyer mode (VFX licence)
  • Camera monitor panel for multiple real-world camera data capture and record triggering (VFX license)
  • XR UE5 Pre-Keyer support (XR license)
  • Teradek Cinematic XR Focus (XR license)
  • Erizos integration with AR and 2D overlay elements (bMR license)
  • Support for running in-game (Live license, Beta)

Customers wishing to access these features should complete the following steps:

  1. Update Unreal to 5.1
  2. Download the update from Mo-Sys here

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