Mo-Sys offers core VP Pro features in new 'Free for Life' download

Jul 06, 2022

Mo-Sys offers core VP Pro features in new 'Free for Life' download

Mo-Sys VP Pro

Mo-Sys VP Pro is the complete solution for Virtual Production with a full suite of creative tools which embed directly in the Unreal Engine for augmented graphics, virtual sets and mixed reality. It is a versatile Virtual Production solution that is utilized by a growing pool of filmmakers, high-end broadcasters, and live event media companies. VP Pro is a real-time compositor, synchronizer, keyer and recorder (for video and tracking data), that uses real-time camera and lens tracking data to create all types of Virtual Production content.

Mo-Sys VP Pro captures live tracking data from all Mo-Sys robotic and tracking hardware such as StarTracker and RoboJib.

It has a clever set of tools that simplify and enhance virtual production workflows, making it simpler to achieve the virtual production illusion you're after.

Strictly Come Dancing Mo-Sys
Mo-Sys StarTracker and VP Pro "perfect combination" for Strictly

"We found that Mo-Sys' StarTracker technology and VP Pro plug-in was the perfect combination of hardware and software to bring AR to life on Strictly Come Dancing"

David Newton, Managing Director of Potion Pictures

Core features of VP Pro are now available via free download. Enhance your virtual production workflow today.

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