VP Pro XR demo for Spanish film & broadcast industry

Jan 31, 2022

VP Pro XR demo for Spanish film & broadcast industry

Mo-Sys recently joined forces with Tangram Solutions to put together a spectacular Virtual Production demonstration held at the Alfalite HQ in Huelva and supported by Fujifilm España, weLab, and Antipodas Film.

This private two day event was well attended by members of the Spanish film and broadcast industry.

The setup showcased an Alfalite LED wall measuring 13 meters long by 6 meters high with a pixel pitch of 1.9. The Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking system and VP Pro XR were used to showcase Cinematic XR Focus as well as virtual set extensions and data driven augmented reality graphics (during the broadcast demos).

The PacMan characters shown in the video above were driven by an external data stream to illustrate how augmented reality can be used in various data driven applications (including weather, sports, elections, etc).

Full presentations are available on the Tangram YouTube Channel:

Philippe Vignal, Director of Sales and Business Development for Mo-Sys, sat down with Spanish broadcaster TVE to discuss how the Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking system is used to match real images with virtual environments so that when the camera moves, the virtual 3D image moves in unison with that camera.

For more information, watch the video below:

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