The Weather Channel choose StarTracker for Live AR Broadcast

Sep 04, 2019

The Weather Channel choose StarTracker for Live AR Broadcast

Congratulations to The Weather Channel and The Future Group for pushing the visual boundaries of broadcasting. Using StarTracker for all four of their videos, they were able to use mixed-reality and dramatic informational graphics to elevate their extreme weather reporting. The result was an immersive, three-dimensional demonstration that raised the awareness of the most perilous types of weather—hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and bushfires.

For those interested in how The Weather Channel and The Future Group made their brilliant videos, we have put together an behind-the-scenes case study with a presentation from The Future Group's Senior Software Engineer, Justin LaBroad. Just simply leave your email and we will send it to you. In the meantime, check out their series of explainer videos below.

1. A Tornado Hits The Weather Channel - aired on 20th June 2018
Jim Cantore demonstrates a treacherous tornado using a the mixed-reality graphics.


2. Bringing you closer to lightning than ever before - aired on 1st August 2018
Mike Bettes avoids a lightning strike in this instalment of The Weather Channel's Immersive Mixed Reality experience.


3. Storm Surge Like You've Never Experience it Before - aired on 21st September 2018
This was the AR forecast for the Carolina coast as Hurricane Florence storm surge was approaching.


4. How Wildfires Spread - aired on 18th October 2018
Take a look inside at the dangers of wild bushfires with this explosive mixed-reality explainer.


For more information of these explainers please go to our case study on The Future Group, showing how they used StarTracker and created the astonishingly detailed AR graphics for The Weather Channel.

Click here for 'The Making of The Weather Channel and Future Group's AR Broadcasts'

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