The Future of Film is Virtual

Jan 26, 2022

The Future of Film is Virtual

Mo-Sys Project Engineer, Florian Gallier, recently gave a talk for TEDx University of Greenwich on the future of Film and Television with a focus on virtual and remote production.

Florian explained how real-time photo-realistic 3D graphics engines, combined with precision camera and lens tracking, are enabling new ways to create content across the spectrum from Hollywood blockbusters to corporate videos. It’s a complete game-changer and is impacting all market sectors.

Virtual Production has been around since the mid 1990s but only recently has it delivered life-like realism that can generate literally any dynamically changing 3D location or scene within a single studio. Cost savings and carbon footprint reductions are significant, and this technology is available to anyone creating moving image content.

Remote Production is another rapidly growing technique where robotically controlled cameras at an event enable the operator to be geographically separate from the camera. Inter-continental remote production is now possible, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Florian is a specialist in virtual and remote production at Mo-Sys. He brings new ground-breaking technologies to production workflows that enables filmmakers, directors and camera operators to work with no limit to their creativity.

Watch his talk in full below:

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