Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max

Oct 14, 2023

Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max

Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max for new, state-of-the-art virtual studios

Salzburg, Austria – 14th October 2023 – Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max for new, state-of-the-art virtual studios. Located in the heart of Europe, Take 2 Studios objective is to provide clients with an agile, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable virtual production environment.

Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max

Mo-Sys supports Take 2 Studios during grand opening event, Salzburg, Austria

Founded by sibling team Viktoria and Felix Brandstetter, who share a deep passion for creative, innovative and collaborative working, Take 2 Studios has already completed its first feature-length TV commercial project for one of the world’s leading automotive brands. The team has also quickly established a strong pipeline of opportunities underlined by a successful grand opening which attracted global interest.

Viktoria Brandstetter explained “I’ve always been involved with graphic design and marketing. Felix started out as an audio engineer before a love of technology and storytelling drew him to film, and ultimately Virtual Production. We regularly found ourselves collaborating on projects and always wanted to work together in a bigger way. We’re excited to combine our strengths, learn and grow together with our team, while delivering amazing projects for our clients.”

Take 2 Studios Viktoria Brandstetter speaks to Mo-Sys' Stephen Gallagher

Take 2 Studios co-founder Viktoria Branstetter speaks with Mo-Sys' Marketing Director, Stephen Gallagher

StarTracker Max sits at the core of Take 2 and is instrumental in bringing clients' virtual production ideas to fruition. Studio 1 features an 8m x 3m curved LED volume while Studio 2 offers a large cyclorama wall.

"We are committed to providing clients with the best possible experience," added Felix Brandstetter, co-founder of Take 2 Studios. "An important step to delivering this was the careful selection of equipment. We simply couldn’t afford to make mistakes, so took our time in researching solutions and meeting manufacturers. These relationships matter, and we quickly felt a strong connection with Mo-Sys, so camera tracking became one of the easiest choices.

With its new browser interface, StarTracker Max was super easy to set-up and has performed brilliantly ever since. Our engineers love the rock-solid performance, small design and that there is no external PC.

From a business perspective, we will be able to access extra features soon, and don’t need to re-home or regularly tweak calibration. That means maximum studio up time, happy clients and a future-proof investment.”

Philippe Vignal shows StarTracker Max at Take 2 Studios, Salzburg

Philippe Vignal shows StarTracker Max during Take 2 Studios opening event, Salzburg, Austria

There is also a profound commitment to sustainability running through Take 2 Studios. This has influenced everything from marketing activities to investment in smart power management solutions, the use of solar power and more.

Luiza Maddalozzo, Head of Sustainability added “We wanted to do more and go above the well documented eco benefits of Virtual Production such as cutting CO2 with reduced travel – although that is a major plus for VP. We’ve gone further and have, for example, created a partnership with a local relocation and second-hand goods organisation who can provide props, creating a reuse network. So, when we need a washing machine or a sofa, we bring it in temporarily, and afterwards it goes back to the retailer.”

Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max

Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max

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