One Giant Leap

Mar 29, 2022

One Giant Leap

In the latest issue of the DEFINITION magazine, Chelsea Fearnley discusses how SMPTE is driving the future of virtual production by bringing together the best minds in the industry to explore the most exciting advancements in media and entertainment tech.

Mo-Sys Definition Magazine

The hybrid three-day event showcasing in-camera VFX and Virtual Production hosted by SMPTE and sponsored by Mo-Sys, gave viewers an interactive experience in the world of the virtual set.

A pop-up LED volume was constructed by the team behind Virtual Production Studios at 80six, and comprised cutting-edge products from 80six’s inventory, including two Roe Visual Diamond LED screens with processing by Brompton Technology, Unreal Engine, the Mo-Sys StarTracker system, Disguise’s VX content servers and ETC lighting control console. Together, they enabled a smooth virtual production workflow.


Read the full article here (Pgs 25-27) >

Rob Fowler, director of business development at Brompton Technology, spoke to DEFINITION magazine about the success of the SMPTE On-set Virtual Production event in a follow-up article on pgs 28-29 of the same edition.

We already support Mo-Sys, which provided the tracking system at the SMPTE event. This means that instead of using physical markers (usually dots on floors or ceilings) to locate the tracking camera, we can embed those markers into content on the walls to be visible to the tracking camera, but invisible to the cinema camera.

Rob Fowler, Director of business development at Brompton Technology

Find out more about Brompton's new digital tracking markers for LED volumes here >

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