Brompton's digital stars maximize LED performance

Feb 07, 2022

Brompton's digital stars maximize LED performance

LED video processing products manufacturer, Brompton Technology, has outlined features coming with Tessera v3.3 software, designed to optimize the performance of LED panels including markers for use with the Mo-Sys StarTracker.

Brompton has added support for Mo-Sys’ StarTracker when users are employing Tessera R2-based panels together with Tessera SX40 or S8 LED processors and Frame Remapping.

Although there are many different systems for tracking camera position, a common approach has been using visible markers, which can be challenging within an LED volume, especially one with an LED ceiling. This can now be resolved by displaying suitable markers on the LED itself.

Chris Deighton, Brompton Chief Technology Officer

The markers are overlaid on the video content being displayed, with Tessera’s Frame Remapping feature used to only display the markers on output frames that are not visible to the main camera. The markers are automatically generated, with the ability to configure the color and size of the markers from within the processor UI.

A beta version of the v3.3 software is now available to download from the Brompton Technology website.

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