Mo-Sys and VFX World partner to offer virtual production solutions

Apr 06, 2022

Mo-Sys and VFX World partner to offer virtual production solutions

Mo-Sys Engineering has formed a powerful new partnership with VFX World, a leader in on-set VFX solutions for cinematic productions.

LED Volume from VFX World

Mo-Sys brings to the partnership a team of pioneering innovators with over 25 years' experience of developing virtual production technology, and who today are at the forefront of LED volume innovation. VFX World brings extensive on-set VFX experience from major cinematic productions, blending traditional green/blue screen know-how with the latest in LED volume innovation. Together the two companies present a powerful combination of expertise and knowledge.

At the BSC Expo (7 – 9 April, Battersea Evolution London, stand 158) on the VFX World stand, both companies will show the core components of LED virtual production, and will detail new developments specifically aimed at cinematic LED virtual production.

The stand will feature a ROE Diamond 2.6 LED wall, Brompton SX40 processor, with Mo-Sys providing camera tracking using its widely recognised StarTracker system, and real-time virtual graphics using the Mo-Sys VP Pro XR LED content server.

“Combining experienced VFX onset crews with products from the leading innovator in virtual production technology today, represents a powerful resource for productions shooting VFX heavy content,” said Jem Morton, Director of VFX World.

“We are very excited to be partnering with movie specialist VFX World,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Together we are far ahead of other offerings in this field, with unique features offering Cinematographers greater creative freedom and improved virtual production imagery.”

The first generation of LED virtual production solutions utilized primarily live events technology, because that was what was available at the time. Mo-Sys' VP Pro XR LED content server and StarTracker camera tracking system, along with higher quality LED tiles and LED processors, represent a technically superior approach to cinematic LED virtual production, providing increased fidelity and smarter workflows.

At BSC Expo, VFX World will be detailing two Mo-Sys patented technologies. The first is Cinematic XR Focus, a method of pulling focus from talent to virtual objects positioned behind the plane of the LED volume. The second is a unique solution for increasing the composite image quality from a real-time VFX production.

As well as the joint presentation on stand 158, Mo-Sys will also have its own stand, E15, where it will focus on its new G30 heavy-duty gyro-stabilized remote head. Engineered for high quality broadcast and movie work, it features an ultra-stiff frame and oversized high torque motors for precision movement and superior image stabilization.

For virtual production applications the G30 also includes built-in positional encoders, making it fast to set up, intuitive to operate and precise in tracking and stabilization.

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