First In-Panel Tracking Solution for LED Volumes

Jan 07, 2021

First In-Panel Tracking Solution for LED Volumes

TAMPA, FL, Jan. 06, 2021 - Today, five-time Emmy award-winning video agency Diamond View debuted “Vū LED Ceiling Panels,” a new patent pending translucent LED ceiling panel technology that features retro-reflective technology integrated directly into the panel, making it the world’s first in-panel tracking solution for LED Volumes. The camera tracking technology and the design of the retro-reflective markers for Vū panels are from Mo-Sys Engineering, a global leader in virtual production products for the film, broadcast and entertainment markets.

Earlier this month, Diamond View announced the construction of its new 240-foot LED Volume, which features the Vū LED Ceiling Panels, in partnership with Unreal Engine, Sony, Mark Roberts Motion Control, NVIDIA, Aputure Lighting and Mo-Sys Engineering.

The translucent ceiling panels feature a newly engineered pixel suspension system that allows light and theatrical effects to pass directly through the back of the panels without affecting the image quality of the video. Each Vū LED Panel is less than half of the weight of competitor LED panels and utilizes Ultra Bright 4500 NIT LED’s. The panels have been optimized for ceiling use and reduces the overall heat load and acoustical challenges that are common in closed LED Volumes. This new panel design also comes equipped with fully integrated infrared tracking reflectors on each panel to triangulate the camera positional data with the Mo-Sys StarTracker system while not obscuring the LED Pixels.

Mo-Sys’ StarTracker System is an absolute based optical tracking system that has become popular with the rise in demand for virtual production because of its ability to produce accurate and reliable position data from a single three inch optical reader placed on the camera.

Michael Geissler, CEO Mo-Sys Engineering comments, “We’re delighted to have worked with Diamond View on their new Vū panel. This will enable Cinematographers to have more creative freedom with the camera angles they choose inside an enclosed LED volume, and with additional creative lighting shining through the LED volume ceiling.”

Diamond View’s CEO Tim Moore says, “With new LED Volumes being built all around the world each month, we believe these newly released Vū Ceiling Panels are positioned to be one of the most comprehensive LED ceiling panels on the market.”

The Diamond View team spent the last six months in development of its new custom ceiling panels and partnered with the team at Mo-Sys to seamlessly integrate the tracking technology into the design.

Vū LED Ceiling Panels are available for purchase at

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