Background to the Lost StarTracker

Jul 14, 2021

Background to the Lost StarTracker

On 26 August last year, StarTracker (serial no 32-050-417) was packaged and trusted to FedEx to be delivered to Chicago.

The StarTracker never got there and was last tracked by FedEx to Michigan. Mo-Sys had to immediately send a replacement unit in order for the client to start their project on time. At the same time an investigation was started by FedEx that ultimately lead nowhere!

Eight months later on various Facebook virtual production groups, a StarTracker was offered for sale by Jon Morris, which we all assumed at Mo-Sys to be the one lost by Fedex, and therefore to be stolen. As a result, we stated publicly that it would not be supported by Mo-Sys, which effectively stopped anyone from buying it.

We informed the local US police department who then got in touch with Jon, and were told that the goods were officially purchased as part of a bulk lot of lost shipments.

We then found ourselves in a ‘no-win’ situation, with legal action against Fedex the only option, but knowing that if we went down that route that there was a very strong chance that FedEx would probably refer us to small print in their T&Cs indicating that; either they weren’t responsible for shipments failing to reach the intended recipients, or they weren’t responsible for contacting the sender … even with sender’s address displayed both inside and outside the box.

So we reached out to Jon and proposed a way forward that would be mutually beneficial for all parties. The result being that we’ve decided that Mo-Sys will now support Jon in selling the StarTracker.

Whoever purchases this StarTracker can be assured of full Mo-Sys support in setup and calibration. We will also provide free of charge Mo-Sys VP Pro software to complement the StarTracker, enabling it to work in a green screen studio or an LED volume.

Warranty will restart from the moment the new owner receives the StarTracker, and the Mo-Sys remote support team will upgrade it to the latest software and welcome the new owner to our Mo-Sys virtual production family.

The only condition we and Jon have is that the successful bidder makes two transfers; 50% of the winning bid to Jon Morris and the other 50% to Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd. (we’ll supply all bank transfer details).

We think this is the best solution for all concerned. Thanks once again for your help. Respond to Jon on social media groups, or email him directly (

Happy bidding!


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