StarTrackerVR empowers Location-Based Entertainment Case Study

Sep 09, 2019

StarTrackerVR empowers Location-Based Entertainment Case Study

In recent partnership with HP and utilizing the power of UE4; we've further developed our VR tracking technology; empowering location-based entertainment (LBE), gaming, engineering, training and architecture visualisation.

The enterprise-level system called StarTrackerVR, is an inside-out tracking solution like no other. Thanks to our patented optical tracking method, it is not susceptible to occlusion or drift. Using reflective stickers that are stuck to the ceiling, an upwards-looking sensor known as StarTracker is mounted onto the headset, calculating its position in real-time using the stickers as a reference.

This cost-effective method is totally resilient to changes in light and enables wall-to-wall, multi-level tracking across the largest of environments; even when objects are partially obstructing the StarTracker sensor.

The strength, precision and reliability of our tracking really shines through when you can cycle in VR. StarTrackerVR truly delivers unlimited freedom of movement with the power to interact with moving objects or navigate around static obstacles.

Michael Geissler, Mo-Sys founder and owner

Most recently, the British Motorcycle giants, Triumph chose StarTrackerVR to show a top-secret prototype bike to their most privileged dealers; since no other system could provide robust tracking and prevent occlusion issues when multiple users stand close together within the same scene. With around 1200 visitors attending the event, 14 StarTrackerVR systems allowed Triumph to process up to 200 visitors every hour, meaning everyone could see their top-secret concept.

To achieve this, Mo-Sys mounted StarTracker sensors to HP’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets, enabling users to get lost in ultra-sharp visuals with 1440x1440 resolution per eye. In addition, HP Z VR Backpack PCs with their 32GB dual channel DDR4 system memory were crucial to the project. Their ability to work steady under heavy VR data loads provided seamless frame to frame transitions.

IntelliGO created the virtual scene using UE4, which gave it a proper sense of scale necessary to create close to photo-realistic, believable worlds. The power of UE4 blueprints made it possible to implement the multi-user functionality, processing the StarTracker tracking input very quickly and in a user-friendly fashion.

Furthermore, StarTrackerVR has been applied in other areas too; for military training and for immersive multiplayer experiences such as Dark Realities’ interactive, free-roaming experience, which will soon be opened in Birmingham, UK.

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