We’re excited to share the new minor release of VP Pro Shipping now, this update includes new performance improvements, making it the best version of VP Pro yet.

Release notes:

  • UI and UX improvements to all panels
  • Updated documentation including XR and Lens Tweaker
  • Lens Tweaker improvements and graphing tool for Near-Wide tweak
  • Improved shadow and reflection controls
  • NearTime rendering support for 5.1 (NearTime license)
  • Erizos integration for 5.1 including nDisplay (VFX license)
  • Improved VFX workflow integrations for Nuke and Maya (VFX license)
  • Improvements and fixes to external keyer integration (VFX license)
  • XR internal compositing support (XR license)
  • XR debug views (XR license)
  • Improved XR compositing of forward objects (XR license)

Customers wishing to access these features should download the update from Mo-Sys here.