We are very excited to allow our customers to take immediate advantage of all Epic’s Virtual Production updates for Unreal 5.1. Unreal 5 is now Virtual Production ready!

Release notes:

  • Lens Tweaker improvements (Beta)
  • Support for anamorphic lenses
  • Fix authentication with non-standard characters
  • Update NearTime render panel (NearTime licence)
  • Pre-Keyer performance improvements (VFX license)
  • Garbage matte improvements in Pre-Keyer mode (VFX licence)
  • Camera monitor panel for multiple real-world camera data capture and record triggering (VFX license)
  • XR UE5 Pre-Keyer support (XR license)
  • Teradek Cinematic XR Focus (XR license)
  • Erizos integration with AR and 2D overlay elements (bMR license)
  • Support for running in-game (Live license, Beta)

Customers wishing to access these features should complete the following steps:

  1. Update Unreal to 5.1
  2. Download the update from Mo-Sys here