Film Remote Systems

Mo-Sys remote camera heads are known for their strength, high-precision, responsiveness and ease of use. We offer an assortment of specific features like gyro stabilization and back-pan, tailored for the film and broadcast industry.

Mo-Sys L40

2 axis remote head with back-pan option, also available with roll-axis
Optimal for precise work with, e.g. an ALEXA and the biggest Optimo lens

Icon Payload 40 kg (88 lbs)

Mo-Sys Lambda 2.0

2/3 axis remote head
Designed for extra heavy camera packages

Icon Payload 50 kg (110 lbs)


Motorized on-car camera lift
Designed for fast vertical movements of heavy camera packages

Icon Payload 70 kg (154 lbs)

Broadcast Robotics

At the core of our products is our expertise in manufacturing the finest digital motor drives that enable cameras to be moved remotely without any delay or back-lash. This allows us to offer simple solutions for remote systems and systems for vertical, horizontal or custom shaped camera movements for permanent installations in TV studios.

Mo-Sys B20

2 axis remote head
Designed for broadcast ENG type cameras

Icon Payload 25 kg (55lbs)


Floor-based robotic camera system
Designed for broadcast cameras, with optional column for vertical movements

Icon Payload 25kg

Jimmy Jib upgrade

Add-on 2-axis remote head
Complete with a Mo-Sys Jimmy Jib control module

Icon Payload 20kg (44 lbs)


Suspended jib for Broadcast, VR and AR

Icon Payload 15kg

Camera Tracking

Mo-Sys has the largest portfolio of tracking solutions on the market, mechanical and optical. All our tracking products interface to the most common virtual set applications, such as Brainstorm, Hybrid MC, Orad, RT Software, VizRt, VR3, Wasp, Ross.

StarTracker VFX

Complete Virtual Production Toolset
with Unreal Plugin


In-studio optical camera tracking
For AR and VR applications


Crane built specifically for VR and AR

Icon Payload 20 kg (44 lbs)


Jib built specifically for VR and AR

Icon Payload 25 kg (55 lbs)

Jimmy Jib Tracking kit

Bolt-on encoding kit for Jimmy Jib


Highly integrated tracking head for VR and AR

Icon Payload 25 kg (55 lbs)

Head Tracking kits

Bolt-on encoding kit for most common PTZ heads

VFX Systems

One-stop virtual production workflow that increases creative opportunities and brings down production cost.


Portable camera motion recording system

Control and Input Devices

Extensive range of control and input devices to operate our remote systems via intuitive, touchscreen or button console.

Touch screen console

Intuitive set-up with touch screen

TV touch screen console

Head and lens control with touchscreen console

TV button console

Head and lens control with button console

Double joystick console

Head and lens control via joysticks

Button console

Intuitive control via button interface


Store and recall positions


Big inertia brass hand wheels for the most precise camera control

Pan bar

Intuitive camera control with pan bar

Single operator controls

One person operation of crane and head


Versatile and universal camera control


Feather light touch sensitive camera control