Suspended jib for Broadcast, VR and AR

Icon Payload 15kg

Designed for smooth movements around the anchor

Smooth movement
Joining our growing range of innovative broadcast robotics, the RoboJib is the latest addition that offers a simple solution to both studio broadcasting. Usually mounted in the air to a truss, RoboJib gives you a 360 degree bird's eye view of the action, permitting smooth sweeping shots of the anchor in the studio or live event. With its 4-axes movement, operators can capture every possible angle, literally from the floor to the ceiling, and from wall to wall with impeccably smooth movement. Fully encoded to support AR and VR products, RoboJib is versatile and ideal for news studios, music and sports events, film and commercial productions. Based on our L40 remote camera head, the column of RoboJib features the same fully-encoded motors that make every movement and camera position programmable and repeatable in addition to capturing precise camera tracking data.
Built for the virtual world
With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) production becoming more and more popular, RoboJib features the very latest encoding technology ensuring that 3D graphics can be inserted into the live camera feed exactly where and when needed.
B20 head
The RoboJib comes pre-installed with a B20 remote head that has zero backlash and can withstand a payload of up to 20kg. Specially designed with virtual set applications in mind, it has the same fast response and strong gears as our other heads, yet it is lighter and more cost efficient. What’s more, the optimised gear drives make it extremely quiet - which renders it perfect for live studio environments.
Simple Control Interface
The Shotbox, either for PC with touchscreen or as a standalone single-operator console, can control the pan and tilt of both the jib and B20 head as well as the zoom and focus of the lens. Also, the shotbox offers a simple interface for storing and recalling positions.


Technical Specifications

Payload 15kg
Lengths 2/3m