Mo-Sys LEDKey
Mo-Sys LED Key 752 x 818


Increase LED Virtual Production image quality and reduce costs. LEDKey eradicates the biggest limitations of cost, image quality, no floor filming, Moiré and bad light quality.

LEDKey Features and capabilities
LEDKey Diagram 1256x900
LEDKey Layers 1250x900
LEDKey Features and capabilities
LEDKey Diagram 1256x900

LEDKey from Mo-Sys enables content creators to systematically separate talent and foreground objects from an LED background without using a green frustum. This eradicates green spill whilst keeping scene spill reflections - delivering on the original promises of LED Virtual Production.

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LEDKey unlocks the future of LED Virtual Production

Autonomous in its operation, LEDKey significantly reduces production costs and maximizes the creative possibilities of ICVFX.

Mo-Sys LED Key 752 x 818

Seamless post-production and VFX

LEDKey offers content creators an improved LED VP Workflow which interfaces directly with Nuke node-based digital compositing and visual effects editing tools for maximum creative freedom while retaining all the benefits of LED.


Features and capabilities

LEDKey makes Virtual Production viable and fixes the current shortfalls: high cost, limited render time, Moiré, missing VFX, no floor, less light control.

LEDKey Features and capabilities

Improved quality coupled with reduced cost

LEDKey bridges the gap between the look and quality the Director wants from an LED volume stage, and the budget the Producer has available.


Patent pending technology

KEDKey utilizes spatial information combined with lens and camera data together with AI.


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