Mo-Sys B20

2 axis remote head
Designed for broadcast ENG type cameras

Icon Payload 25 kg (55lbs)

The B20 was specially designed with virtual set applications in mind and lends itself to long term installations in TV studios. It has the same fast response and strong gears as our other heads, yet it is lighter and more cost efficient. What’s more, the optimised gear drives make it extremely quiet - which renders it perfect for live studio environments. 

Virtual interface
With its full virtual interface it provides super precise tracking data for augmented graphics or virtual backgrounds in green screen surroundings. The built-in encoders have a resolution of 400.000 ticks per revolution. The broadcast head interfaces seamlessly to other Mo-Sys devices and in conjunction with e-Crane and lens encoding, it forms the perfect kit for captivating tracking shots with virtual sets.
Flawless operation
The B20 can also be used with ShotBox to allow movements to be recorded and then played back on the push of a button. The head comes with a custom TV console giving smooth control with a selection of joysticks. It can also be controlled by the standard Mo-Sys input devices as a very compact and lightweight head for location work. The B20 is the standard head for Mo-Sys e-Crane and RoboRail.
Tidy cable management
The hollow shafts put an end to the need for slip-rings, and simply feeding the cables through the holes means a reduction, both in cost and the sources of potential failures.


Technical Specifications

Weight 10 kg (22 lbs)
Payload 25 kg (55lbs)
Pan/Tilt speed 180°/sec