First Take - September 3, 2018
First Take - September 3, 2018


The e-Crane was designed specifically for virtual studio use.


Whilst other smaller cranes, for example, Jimmy Jib, are designed to be lightweight, portable and with a fast set-up in mind, the main quality of the e-Crane is sturdiness, achieved through its strong, rigid aluminium arm.

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Perfect match

Working with virtual studios has different requirements when it comes to cranes. Rigidity is vital because any elasticity in the arm is enough to create a visible difference between the movement of the real and the virtual world, creating a “floating” effect. Its sturdy build makes the e-Crane the best solution on the market for close-up augmented graphics, seen in applications such as touch analysis tables in sports broadcasting.

mo-sys ecrane

Free movements

With the absolute encoding technology, the e-Crane always knows its location. It remembers its position, even when it is switched off and back on again. There is no need for re-calibration and constant re-homing. In addition to pan and tilt axis of head and crane, the e-Crane can be used in conjunction with StarTracker and moved freely around in the studio. Or it can be placed on a rail and a laser range finder used for position data.


Intuitive single operator control

An intuitive console and joystick is clamped to the rear of the crane, which makes it easy to control for a single operator. The head controlling joystick can either be of displacement or micro force type. If the lens is suited for remote control, zoom and focus, this can also be controlled from the rear of the crane. The e-Crane interfaces to most virtual set softwares, such as Vizrt, Brainstorm, Orad, Ross and Wasp.


B20 remote head

The e-Crane comes with a B20 remote head that has zero backlash with a payload of up to 20kg, and is extremely quiet.

Technical Specifications

Payload20kg (44 lbs)
Weight40kg (88lbs) excluding counter weights
Jib Pan/Tilt Speed30 degrees/sec
Head Pan/Tilt Speed180 degrees/sec
Pan Range+/-720 degrees
Tilt Range45 degrees (depending on mounting restriction)
Maximum system ethernet length100m (328 ft) (operating distance)
Maximum operaring distance20km (12.4 mi) with fiber optics
Pan/Tilt control optionsDouble-joystick for jib and head, shotbox console
VR encoder resolution> 2 million counts per revolution
Power15-32V (24V nom) 6A (nom) 20A peak
Mains with PSU110V-200V
Temp range-20 degrees to +45 degrees
Length2.5m (8.6 ft)
Column height0.5m-2m (1.6 ft-6.4 ft)


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