Virtual Camera Handwheels

Encoded Hollywood-grade Handwheels with VR tracking output.

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Controlling a virtual environment

Using our traditional encoded handwheels we have made it possible to control a virtual camera inside Unreal Engine. Camera operators can now control the pan, tilt and dolly of a virtual camera with pinpoint accurate tracking data.

Controlling a virtual environment

Turning the wheels

Similar to the handwheel system comprised for the recent and entirely virtual ‘The Lion King’, our Virtual Camera Handwheels represent the latest innovation aimed at virtual production filmmakers. With one foot in the filmmaking future and one grounded in the past with traditional filmmaking hardware, the Virtual Camera Handwheels bridge the physical and virtual worlds. Like all of our virtual production tools, these can used in UE4 using our free tracking plugin which is available on the UE4 marketplace.

Turning the wheels

Technical Specifications

Encoder resolution 4 million ticks/revolution

VP Pro Licensing

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Products Features
Mo-Sys tracking data over LiveLink
Supports StarTracker Classic, StarTracker Max, encoded heads and handwheels, and extends to all future robotics and tracking hardware.
nDisplay for LED volumes
Receive tracking and lens data in nDisplay.
Live video I/O
Automatic configuration of compositing pipeline.
Drag-and-drop virtual camera
Pre-fabricated camera for basic compositing.
Artist review
To enable Unreal artists to review the performance of the scene
Movie Render ueue rendering of takes recorded with VFX licenseQ
Lens distortion
Entirely automated distortion and depth of field for calibrated fixed and zoom lenses.
Particle effects, glow, depth of field and shadows and reflections with Epic's latest compositing.
StarTracker control
Detect and configure StarTrackers directly from Unreal.
Mo-Sys data transmitter
Control Mo-Sys robotics from Unreal.
System status monitor
See at a glance the state of the VP system.
Mo-Sys keyer
Enhanced internal chromakeyer
External keyer integration
'Pre-Keyer' and 'Post-Keyer' modes of operation enabling compositing in-engine or in-keyer
Garbage mattes
3D mattes for a 360 virtual environment beyond the greenscreen.
VP layouts
Custom editor layouts for different production situations.
Animation triggers
Interface for triggering Level Sequence animations on keypress on multiple engines.
Multi-engine interface
Low-level fast customisable interface for multi-camera/engine
Stage manager
Easily move the physical 'stage' around the virtual space.
Data recording with timecode
Synchronous multi-source tracking and lens data recording.
StarTracker internal recording
Automatic high frame-rate recording in StarTracker
VFX sample bundle
Project/media/data bundle that demos how to use the recorded data in Maya, Houdini and Nuke.
FBX data export
Virtual camera and lens distortion export to traditional pipelines.
Take management
Metadata tools for managing, modifying and exporting takes.
External SDI recorder integration
Fire record on Blackmagic Hyperdeck recorders automatically with timecode and metadata.
Arri, Sony Venice and RED camera interfaces
Gather metadata, and trigger recording from multiple cameras..
Studio mode
Multi-camera support for StarTracker Studio.
Hardware keyer integration
Switch presets on Blackmagic Ultimatte from Unreal blueprints.
Switcher integration
Cut cameras on Blackmagic / Sony XVS / Grassvalley switchers.
Cinematic XR focus
Automatic motor control to enable pulling focus from the real into the virtual world
LED Multicam
Switched and interleaved modes of multi-camera
LED volume set extensions
Configure XR extensions to your LED wall with feathering.
Automated XR geometry correction
Store and read geometry corrections for multiple cameras
Dynamic XR colour correction
Apply different colour corrections based on camera position
LED test patterns
Test patterns for aligning XR and LED volume
Support and maintenance
Comprehensive support and maintenance, including regular updates with new features as they are developed.

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