World's first Broadcast Camera with Integrated Tracking

Sep 04, 2019

World's first Broadcast Camera with Integrated Tracking

Mo-Sys and Grass Valley teamed up to produce the first fully integrated camera for virtual studios and augmented broadcast graphics

We combined our StarTracker camera tracking technology with the Grass Valley LDX Series cameras, reducing setup time and complexity for virtual studios, while making camera tracking even more robust and reliable. Eliminating extra cabling and bolt-on boxes, enables the camera to travel easily between different locations. And when no virtual graphics are required the Grass Valley can be used for non-virtual productions.

  • Fully integrated camera tracking
  • Fewer cables and no heavy add-ons
  • Doesn’t effect normal camera usage
  • Enables quick and easy setup
  • Preset offsets
  • On-site upgrade for existing Grass Valley LDX cameras

We at Mo-Sys are on a journey to simplify and innovate augmented reality and virtual studios. Through this collaboration with Grass Valley we continue our quest to make camera tracking systems simpler and more accessible than ever before.

Michael Geissler, CEO Mo-Sys

"Providing an integrated camera system to support live productions with augmented reality and virtual sets removes the complexity of such application and therefore it will improve the business model for augmented content in live productions."

Marcel Koutstaal, Vice President of Cameras, Grass Valley

Grass Valley's LDX 82/86/86N Series cameras have been adapted to include the StarTracker system. The LDX Series cameras combined with Grass Valley's XF Transmission, consisting of the XCU (eXchangable Control Unit) Universe XF base stations and the XF Transmission Direct IP interface, provide power and synchronization internally to the StarTracker system. The camera tracking data goes directly into the XCU in the control room via the camera's Hybrid fiber cable. From there, it can be interfaced over IP to the virtual studio system.

StarTracker is an optical camera tracking system that looks at identical retroreflective stickers (stars), that are randomly applied to studio ceilings or lighting grids. StarTracker provides unlimited freedom of movement while still ensuring accurate real-time positioning, rotation and lens data.


Available soon!

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