Virtual Visualization of Radio

Jul 28, 2021

Virtual Visualization of Radio

TV Tech features the story of how UK's talkRADIO created a virtual studio using Mo-Sys' camera tracking technology and PTZ cameras in their Special Guide to PTZ systems.

With just four weeks to the US presidential elections, talkRADIO turned to Mo-Sys to help them develop a virtual production studio from scratch.

The recently launched StarTracker Studio, a one-stop package solution for virtual studios and augmented reality, was the natural choice, with integrated Panasonic PTZ cameras.

“What we achieved, working together with Mo-Sys is something really remarkable – something quite sensational,” he says. “Afterwards I spoke to a television executive, who said of our coverage ‘that looks really good – as good as television’. For a small radio team, supported by Mo-Sys, I think we achieved something remarkable.”

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