Virtual Production Takes a Leap Forward

Nov 26, 2021

Virtual Production Takes a Leap Forward

In the latest issue of TVBEurope, Kevin Hilton talks to leading technology providers about how programme makers are using the new techniques available to them. Mo-Sys' involvement in the BBC Sports Olympics studio was featured as an example of the use of robotic cameras, another component in virtual production.

Michael Geissler, founder and owner of Mo-Sys also discusses how today, with 18 months of on-set, real-time LED/XR production experience under our collective belts, the broadcast and film industries are quickly realising the need for 'fit for purpose' LED/XR technology.

In designing VP Pro XR and launching its Cinematic XR initaitve, set out to address the cinematic quality and functionality requirements of LED/XR for on-set, real-time production. The result is a product that is specifically designed to address the current on-set real-time quality and functionality challenges, provide a platform for unique features (e.g. Cinematic XR Focus), and to address known XR challenges, such as investment costs, expansion costs, and XR graphics delay.

- Michael Geisller, Mo-Sys Engineering
TVBEurope November/December 2021 issue

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