Virtual Production Demonstration

Nov 24, 2020

Virtual Production Demonstration

Rising Sun Pictures recently took part in a proof-of-concept demonstration showcasing leading-edge virtual production technology including Mo-Sys camera tracking software.

The South Australian film and television production industry are defying time, space and budget blowouts, all without leaving the studio. South Australian business Novatech, in partnership with Intraware and South Australian post-production, visual effects company Rising Sun Pictures recently collaborated to give a hands-on demonstration showcasing the most recent innovations in virtual production technology. The South Australian Film Corporation hosted the event at its Adelaide Studios facilities, featuring a purpose-built 12m x 3.6m curved LED-wall, with real-time virtual set generation by disguise and Mo-Sys camera tracking. Participants gained a first-hand insight into technology that integrates real-time computer-generated backgrounds with live performance and integrated foreground lighting.

Read more on the Novatech website and on Shoot Publicity Wire.

Top banner photo credits: David Solm & Ian Cope

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