Using Virtual Technology to 'Amaze the Viewer'

Oct 13, 2021

Using Virtual Technology to 'Amaze the Viewer'

In the NAB Show Daily Edition 2021, TV Tech’s Peter Suciu explores using virtual technology to ‘amaze the viewer’ and how artificial intelligence is enhancing the AR experience.

Game engines are providing production teams with real-time feedback, and even allowing those teams to make informed creative decisions on set, explained James Uren, technical director at Mo-Sys Engineering.

The technologies incorporated into our VP Pro and VP Pro XR solutions enable final pixel filming in LED volumes, previsualisation for green screen filming and augmented computer graphics in live television broadcast. These technical tools are giving directors, actors and production teams a tremendous boost and will be helping blur the lines even further between the real and virtual components in a shoot, creating stunning visuals to engage and delight their audiences.

James Uren, Technical Director
NAB Show Daily Edition - 2021 New Product Guide

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