Unboxing Unreal Engine 5

Jul 01, 2021

Unboxing Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 is a hugely anticipated evolution in gaming and virtual production development that is touted to blur the lines between reality and simulation.

Mo-Sys was able to test the early access build on its new VP station running the VP Pro plugin. Since the VP Pro software runs inside the UE editor, it is easy for it to keep pace with new versions.

Here's what our technical team thought at the technical unboxing:

"I can see that UE5 can handle better performance and the new Lumen global illumination feature is amazing, giving much more realistic lighting," said Gabriele Simulynaite, unreal engine technical artist. "I also found the interface much easier to work with than in UE4."

Gabriele and Marcus 'unboxing' UE5 on the new Mo-Sys VP Station

Mo-Sys senior developer Stephen Ennis added, “It was so cool, it was a bit of work to get it to build, but then most of our Unreal panels came straight up and started working!”

James Uren, Mo-Sys technical director, concluded, “It’s great to see that it is going to be straightforward for us to update everything to UE5 - with all the fantastic new creative features that brings. We can’t wait to use it on a serious production when it has matured.”

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