The Virtual Production Bottleneck

Jul 14, 2021

The Virtual Production Bottleneck

How can we sustain growth during a talent drought?

Having enjoyed a boom during the pandemic thanks to immediate necessity, Virtual Production shows no sign of slowing down, offering cost efficiency, reduced environmental impact and creativity. There is, however, a shortage of trained VP technicians, which threatens to derail it.

Mo-Sys has recently announced Mo-Sys Academy, a new initiative dedicated to filling the skills gap and addressing the lack of knowledge within the industry. Mo-Sys is teaming up with Pixeleyed Pictures to train the next generation.

In this seminar, held live at the KitPlus Show in MediaCityUK, Mike Grieve from Mo-Sys and Rizwan Wadan from Pixeleyed discussed their experiences with VP, the problems facing the industry, the genesis of the training program and what this all means for the future of the virtual production industry.

Watch the seminar below:

For access to this and the other seminars held at the KitPlus Show, visit the KitPlus website here >

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