The secrets of the BBC's Tokyo 2020 studio

Aug 16, 2021

The secrets of the BBC's Tokyo 2020 studio

BBC Sport’s ground-breaking virtual studio has been one of the unintentional stars of this summer’s Tokyo Games. With stunning backdrops of the host city, and a changing skyline and light to match different times of day, viewers could be forgiven for thinking that the set up was live on location. Instead, it was built at the Dock10 studio facility in Salford.

While it might have looked very real on our TV screens, the set is entirely virtual, relying on a greenscreen, the same graphics engine that gaming fans will recognize from Fortnite, and the Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking system. The five-camera studio set up along with Mo-Sys’ dynamic masking capability ensured a seamless look from start to finish.

We're delighted to have once again collaborated with our longstanding partner MOOV on this virtual studio production project.

Check out BBC Sport’s behind the scenes look at its studio here:

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