StarTracker Studio wins Product of the Year Award

Apr 15, 2021

StarTracker Studio wins Product of the Year Award

Following on from the Best of Show and Product of the Year awards received last year, Mo-Sys StarTracker Studio has recently been awarded Product of the Year in the Tech Leadership Awards 2021.

Commemorated in a digital Program Guide, TV Technology presents the nominees and highlights the winners of the inaugural Tech Leadership Product Awards, which were announced at the recent Tech Leadership Series.

StarTracker Studio is a unique all-in-one 4K virtual production system. It’s preconfigured and precalibrated, and capable of all types of virtual production using green screen studios or LED volumes, whether multicamera live to air, or shot-by-shot recording. Specifically designed to reduce equipment count and costs, it is simple for operators unfamiliar with virtual production to use with the minimum of training.

The preconfigured package includes three cameras with tripods and a jib, plus Mo-Sys’ world renowned StarTracker camera tracking system, which uses “stars” — reflective dots — placed at random on the ceiling. A spotter with an LED light source on each camera tracks the positions of the “stars” on the ceiling.

The resulting three-dimensional positional information is fed into a powerful graphics system using the Unreal engine and an Ultimatte keyer. The software also includes Mo-Sys Beam In technology, which brings remote guests into the virtual studio. An eight-channel ATEM production switcher means complex productions can be shot live; three video recorders are also in the rack; and audio is handled by three radio microphones and a mixer.

The virtual graphics system uses all the power of the Unreal engine, including top-end effects like hyper-realistic reflections, soft shadows to match real-world lighting, continual depth-of-field processing to emulate lens performance, and occlusion handling so talent can walk around virtual objects.

Because the system is very simple to set up and use, and extremely cost-effective, it can be used in many applications. It is ideal for news and magazine programs or commercial production, but it can also be used for product launches and to add very high production values to webinars and social media responses. The system is scalable up to the largest size of virtual production. StarTracker Studio delivers top-end, uncompromised virtual production, in a simple one-stop package.

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