SOC Mo-Sys presentation: Remote Heads Technology Overview

Oct 23, 2020

SOC Mo-Sys presentation: Remote Heads Technology Overview

The Remote Heads Technology Overview webinar that we presented with the Society Of Camera Operators last month is now available to view online.

Lead by a panel of experts in their respective fields, this is a great opportunity for camera operators to learn first-hand about the industry-standard Mo-Sys L40 remote head, used on high-profile productions such as ‘Shape of Water’, ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Stranger Things’. 

Mo-Sys founder and CEO Michael Geissler gives a technical overview of the different types of remote heads. Pro-Cam Rental Atlanta Bob Gorelick, SOC Camera Operator of the Year 2018 (for ‘Stranger Things’), talks about his on set experience and demonstrates how to set up and operate the L40. And guest speakers Kenneth McKenzie (key grip) and Joe Allegro (general manager at Pro-Cam Rental Atlanta) talk about their experience with Mo-Sys remote heads from a grip and Rental House perspective respectively.

Edit: This webinar was held just before we launched our next generation in gyro-stablized remote heads, the Mo-Sys G30. Discover how the G30s novel 45-degree frame geometry confer enhanced features to this heavy duty head including eliminating gimbal lock by visiting our website.

Find out more about the Mo-Sys G30 >

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