Mo-Sys Virtual Production Learning Zone at KitPlus Show

Jun 08, 2022

Mo-Sys Virtual Production Learning Zone at KitPlus Show

Join us at MediaCity, Salford for the KitPlus Show on Thursday 23 June where Mo-Sys Academy will be setting up a Virtual Production Learning Zone. A series of short Virtual Production training taster sessions will be running throughout the day.

Mo-Sys Virtual ProductionKitPlus Show Manchester 23 June 2022

Come along to discover our innovative solutions including:

  • StarTracker - widely recognized camera tracking system which uses retro-reflective stickers, randomly applied to the studio ceiling or the lighting grid, to define a star map.
  • VP Pro XR - dedicated XR server purpose-built for Cinematic XR on-set real-time production.
  • Cinematic XR Focus - pulling focus from talent to virtual objects positioned behind the plane of the LED volume.
  • Multi-Cam - VP Pro XR feature enabling seamless multi-camera switching to overcome the typical 5-6 frame refresh delay in LED volumes.
  • Mo-Sys Academy - learn Virtual Production from industry-leading professionals, featuring skills and techniques that are at the forefront of the modern film industry.

Mo-Sys will also be hosting a panel session at 11am on the main stage at the event on The Future of Virtual Production Training, discussing how to overcome the skills gap and maximise the opportunities of LED Virtual Production for Broadcast with panelists including Kieran Phillips of CJP Broadcast Service Solutions, Nicholas Glean from University of Sunderland and Adam Soan of Bendac.

The discussion points will include:

  • Background of LED Virtual Production
  • Maximising the opportunity - latest technological developments
  • The skills shortage & what the Mo-Sys Academy is doing to correct it
  • How are Universities pivoting to incorporate LED VP courses, what are their challenges and what support do they need/are they getting?
  • Virtual Production Learning Zone – Mo-Sys Academy


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