Mo-Sys StarTracker Shines at 80six

Oct 15, 2021

Mo-Sys StarTracker Shines at 80six

Mo-Sys is delighted with the success of the first Virtual Production Discovery Days hosted by its partner 80six at their studios in Slough early in September. The Mo-Sys StarTracker system was one of the key pieces of technology showcased in a series of demos during this interactive event designed to educate and inspire film, TV, and the creative sectors on the benefits of shooting on LED stages.

In today’s highly competitive market, finding ways to deliver high-end results and flawless images is something every DP strives for. The same goes for using virtual production (VP) techniques – they still have to meet the high standards and produce the level of quality that audiences demand. Known for its world-class services, 80six has chosen market-leading technology to create its VP studio facilities, including the Mo-Sys StarTracker.

“As the top optical tracking system, StarTracker is our choice for our studios and we’ve been impressed with the system’s ease of use, low latency and,” said Dan Hamill, Co-founder and Commercial Director at 80six. “It’s proved itself to be a very robust and reliable tracking system and that’s what our clients expect when they use our facilities.”

According to DP Brett Danton, VP gives him a lot of control, allowing oversight of the entire production in terms of lighting and camera movement - something that hasn’t been possible before. Commenting on the LED set up at 80six, he said, “one of the things I really like is the flexibility and the way the set-up can be reconfigured. It also allows for the different approaches that individual DPs have to lighting, opening up even more creativity.”

We are so proud of the incredible feedback for, and success of, the first Virtual Production Discovery Days and look forward to the next one.

To learn about future events at Virtual Production Studios by 80six, visit and If you’d like to register your interest for the next series of Virtual Production Discovery Days, please email

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