Mo-Sys Refinery Offers a Unique VP Testing Facility for Cinematographers

Nov 12, 2021

Mo-Sys Refinery Offers a Unique VP Testing Facility for Cinematographers

We are delighted with the hugely successful launch of the Mo-Sys Refinery, our cutting-edge virtual production (VP) testing space, specifically designed to help experienced professionals test and evaluate virtual production.

Mo-Sys Refinery is a first of its kind offering. The concept is to provide a testing space for Cinematographers and content producers to de-risk and refine their virtual production concepts, allowing them to experiment with virtual production techniques and workflows over a number of days.

With both a green screen and LED volume in one studio, we are inviting creatives to consider utilizing a hybrid virtual production methodology, where shots benefit from the strengths of each screen technology. Following on from the Grand Opening recently, these new ideas have been met with keen interest and excitement by LA-based camera people, VFX/VP Supervisors, and the post-production community.

This new mix “is a suggestion we’re waiting for the industry to pick up” Michael Geissler explained to Mark London Williams, who featured the mix of combining LED walls with traditional green screen technology that were on display at the event in an article discussing cinematography technology. The article went on to discuss what could be done to ensure the future safety of on-set crews following the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins (read the full article here).

We’re encouraging clients to test out this hybrid VP approach, incorporating both wide shots and close-up, detailed shots - using DMX controlled lighting - in a single environment.

The Refinery’s virtual production stage can be adapted to meet clients’ specific requirements, with full technical support provided on site. Mo-Sys Refinery also allows clients to collaborate with the post houses of their choice to bring in the creative services they need.

Mo-Sys Refinery LA virtual production VP

This innovative VP space also offers new virtual production technology for clients to test and evaluate, including:

Real-time MoCap for virtual character programming - drive background virtual character movement using multiple pass real-time MoCap.

Cinematic XR Focus- rack focus from the real world to the virtual world (a world first !) without changing the Focus Puller's tools.

Scene linked lighting - match real and virtual lighting using UE4 DMX controlled lighting.

Dual screen VP shooting - shoot using both green screen and LED walls, using each screen technology to its strengths.

Neartime® - a brand new dual render workflow enabling automated high-quality re-render without the cost of post-production (Winner of HPA Engineering Excellence Award 2021).

Colour matching - match the colours between the real set and the virtual world.

VP Pro XR- purpose-designed content server for XR volumes (LED set extensions), available as software-only or as a configured system.

StarTracker- the most accurate and resilient camera/lens tracking system.

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