Mo-Sys LED Virtual Production on show at NAB 2022

May 05, 2022

Mo-Sys LED Virtual Production on show at NAB 2022

Mo-Sys LED Virtual Production solutions took centre stage at NAB Show 2022, highlighting Mo-Sys' position as a pioneer in driving forward the emerging technologies of virtual and augmented production. During the show Mo-Sys showcased its leading-edge virtual production technology stack and underlined why some of the world’s most innovative content producers rely on Mo-Sys solutions.

Mo-Sys co-exhibited with APG and Fujifilm, integrating Mo-Sys technology with Fujifilm lenses and a state-of-the-art 1.5mm pixel pitch LED wall from APG to demonstrate virtual production solutions in action.

Mo-Sys, Fujifilm and APG Media LED Virtual Production Showcase at NAB 2022

Among the solutions being highlighted:

  • NearTime® - patent-pending and HPA Engineering Award-winning solution for increasing real-time VFX image quality, whilst removing Moiré completely
  • Multi-Cam Switching - newly released VP Pro XR feature enabling seamless multi-camera switching to overcome the typical 5-6 frame refresh delay in LED volumes
  • Robotics for virtual production - the new Mo-Sys G30 gyro-stabilized head and the industry-standard Mo-Sys L40 cinematic remote head
  • AR for sports with UE5 - the new heavy-duty Mo-Sys U50 remote head was shown with Fujifilm’s latest box lens using a Vinten 750i remote head with pan bars

Florian Gallier presents Mo-Sys solution for remote production and sports events

Mo-Sys also joined forces with AOTO Electronics Co. Ltd. to showcase solutions for broadcast news and factual programming. Visitors at the AOTO stand were able to see a live LED Virtual Production demonstration featuring VP Pro XR and StarTracker working with AOTO’s 2.3 pitch LED tiles. See the video below:

Mo-Sys and AOTO showcase broadcast LED Virtual Production Solutions

This video features the BBC's Tokyo 2020 virtual set jointly designed by Lightwell & BK Design Projects with AV integration by Moov.

Mo-Sys illustrated how its set extensions can be used to virtually expand the real-world studio space, and how the newly released Multi-Cam Switching feature can be used to seamlessly switch between live cameras at resolutions up to UHD4K, and without the LED wall delay appearing in shot.

In a ground-breaking move, Mo-Sys also showed its integration with Erizos Studio, allowing Unreal Engine graphics to be used not just for the virtual studios, but for traditional on-screen graphics, such as lower thirds and data-driven graphics, either embedded in the Unreal scene or as AR objects.

Mo-Sys' VP solutions also had a presence at the new Vū Technologies studio in Las Vegas, where StarTracker forms a key part of its 140ft. X 20ft. LED volume soundstage.

Mo-Sys LED Virtual Production at NAB 2022

Tom Shelburne gives an introduction to Mo-Sys VP Pro XR

Jim Rider from Final Pixel talks about the Mo-Sys StarTracker

Carl Bodeker introduces the Vinten FP-188 Robotic Pedestal with Mo-Sys StarTracker

Chris Tornow, CEO of Pfinix Creative Group explains how dependable Mo-Sys StarTracker is

Gary Adcock talks about Virtual Production with Mo-Sys

Tim Moore from Vu Technologies talks about the 'rock solid' StarTracker

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