Mo-Sys G30 gyro-stabilized head

Jan 26, 2022

Mo-Sys G30 gyro-stabilized head

The latest InBroadcast January issue featured an article on the launch of the ground-breaking Mo-Sys G30 gyro-stabilized head which was announced earlier this month.

The unique design has been refined using extensive real-world experience, resulting in a stabilized head that has the performance of much more expensive systems, but with the usability and ease of setup of much simpler gimbal devices.

“In conversation with early adopters, the feedback was for simpler operation and faster setup. In response, we modified elements of the design, such as the frame size, but we also took the opportunity to suggest some smart technologies we were developing. These were well received and so were also implemented into the G30 design”.

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys.
Click here to read the full InBroadcast article, pg 42.

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