Mo-Sys demonstrates Cinematic XR Focus with PRG

Jul 27, 2022

Mo-Sys demonstrates Cinematic XR Focus with PRG

Recently, Mo-Sys joined forces with PRG for an exclusive evening mixer at their newly renovated Virtual Production Studio in Los Angeles.

As a partner of the event, Mo-Sys brought some of its Virtual Production toolset for a VP demonstration geared toward a DP audience. Executive Vice President - Sales & Operations - Americas, Tom Shelburne demonstrated Mo-Sys' Cinematic XR Focus and NearTime re-rendering in the LED volume along with the Mo-Sys U50 heavy-duty remote head.

  • Cinematic XR Focus allows for the seamless focus pull from real foreground objects to virtual assets placed deep within the scene – that would appear to be positioned behind the LED wall. This is achieved using the same wireless lens control system already in use today.
  • NearTime is Mo-Sys' patent-pending and HPA Engineering award-winning solution for solving real-time VFX virtual production image quality.

PRG selected partners for the event that integrated well with the existing technology in their studio. Mo-Sys' Virtual Production solutions are designed specifically for final pixel XR shooting and pair perfectly with PRG’s Enhanced Environments.

See the demonstration below:

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