Mo-Sys and Vizrt elected for Sky’s General Election Coverage

Dec 20, 2019

Mo-Sys and Vizrt elected for Sky’s General Election Coverage

During December’s UK General Election, we at Mo-Sys were delighted to have been selected to support Sky News coverage, providing our camera tracking and broadcast robotics to power compelling augmented reality graphics.

Working in collaboration with Vizrt, Sky utilised the Vizrt engine for a 2-camera setup which works closely with our StarTracker camera tracking technology to dramatically transform the Sky News atrium at their West London HQ into a studio like no other. Many visualisations were used including giant infographics which enhanced coverage and provided a new experience for viewers.

Enhancing News Broadcasts

For Sky News, this is the first time they have used StarTracker for their live election events, although for Mo-Sys and Vizrt this collaboration marks our fifth successful run together.

News broadcast coverage from Sky News was augmented with a virtualised 10 Downing Street, as well as giant virtual banners which showed a results breakdown of 650 constituencies from the 2019 General Election.

A Unique Studio Setup

Unlike traditional broadcast studios, Sky News’ use of the atrium allowed for dynamic camera moves and infographics of a huge scale. The camera technology setup consisted of 1 pedestal being tracked by StarTracker and a Technocrane 22 with a Mo-Sys B20 remote head which was also being tracked by StarTracker and our encoded bolt-on tracking kit.

StarTracker’s optical sensor was aimed downwards to record the absolute position of the crane within the studio and the camera pedestal. For the mechanical tracking a Mo-Sys telescopic crane tracking kit was used to capture the jib and turn values of the crane as well as a laser to record the crane extend movement.

Additionally, Sky News installed a ceiling-mounted Spidercam which ran through the atrium and into the augmented reality area to provide further dynamic shots.

The optical tracking system StarTracker uses reflective stickers which are attached to the ceiling, generating tracking data for the absolute position of the camera. This then enables studio cameras to be moved when overlaying augmented graphics, providing a creative and compelling production.

Michael Geissler CEO and Founder of Mo-Sys said:

“It is always a pleasure to be involved with some of the biggest broadcast events of the year and this was no exception. Working with Sky News on their election coverage has really strengthened our partnership as we continue to work with them in Italy, Germany and now the UK.”


At Mo-Sys we manufacture advanced camera robotics, film remote systems and high-precision camera tracking solutions for the film and broadcast industries. Our comprehensive range of products has been implemented by the biggest broadcasters and respected filmmakers worldwide, with tools built on patented and industry proven StarTracker technology which has now been installed in more 100 studios worldwide.

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