Corporate Virtual Production

Aug 01, 2023

Corporate Virtual Production

What is Corporate Virtual Production

Corporate Virtual Production is a powerful tool which can be used by companies of all sizes, and of all industries to create more high-quality video content than ever before, at speed, with small teams and at a fraction of the equivalent traditional production costs.

It utilises In Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX), or what can also be referred to as Final Pixel shooting which aims to capture the final shot in-camera, and in doing so avoiding costly post-production effort. These techniques, also known as workflows, come from big budget Hollywood and broadcast VFX developments, where actors perform in front of a green or blue screen which can be automatically keyed out, and more recently LED technology to display virtual scenes.

As the technology and techniques have matured, businesses are now able to access it to shoot Corporate Virtual Production, in-house from their own office-based studio.

Corporate Virtual Production

Salesforce's marketing team utilise virtual production to create more, for less.

Why should corporates consider Virtual Production

Companies are under huge pressure to create video content. This can be internal communications like presentations and announcements or lead generation and customer facing videos like training videos, new product introductions, advertising and social media.

Colgate LED Virtual Production

Colgate advertisement shot in LED Virtual Studio (MAXI Brazil)

In competitive markets and in the HD world of 2023, the viewer expects this to be high quality content, and they want lots of it. Video content is proven to be effective with up to 72% of consumers preferring video over text according to Hubspot Research. Other studies have revealed up to 85% of millennials purchase products after watching a video, and as many as 95% of B2B buyers report video played a crucial role in shaping their purchasing decision.

Salesforce's marketing team have successfully utilised virtual production to create more, for less. They are now producing vast amounts of high-quality content quickly and with a small team from a central London office-based studio.

Corporate Virtual Production

95% of B2B buyers report video played a crucial role in shaping their purchasing decision (credit: Spiceworks)

Corporate Virtual Production

85% of millennials purchase product after watching a video (credit: Brightcove)

72% of consumers prefer video

72% of consumers prefer video over text (credit: Hubspot Research)

What benefits and opportunities can Virtual Production offer corporate users

Whether it’s for a website, customer portal or social media. Whether the viewer is an existing customer looking for a deeper understanding of your products and services, or a new client researching potential solutions. The demand for businesses to create video content has been established, but marketing teams have struggled to produce the desired volume of content, within the time available, and within their budget constraints. All too often, it becomes time consuming and quickly gets expensive to shoot great videos in multiple locations. This makes it difficult for small marketing teams and the risk is they settle for producing less video, in fewer environments.

Honda advert shot in an LED Volume

Honda advert shoot in an LED Volume (MAXI Brazil)

Corporate Virtual Production resets the status quo. It gives the marketing team freedom to experiment without piling up costs, to respond quickly to market conditions and shoot in multiple environments with smaller teams who can produce rich video content quickly, cost-effectively, and all without leaving the office.

What kind of Corporate Virtual Production systems exist

Corporate Virtual Production systems can be tailored to meet the needs of the business and the teams who’ll be using them. There is no one size fits all solution, and Mo-Sys’ experienced team of specialists can guide you to making the correct decisions.

Curved LED Wall for Virtual Production

Consider the impact if your teams could respond quickly to market conditions with rapid production of training videos, product introductions, social media and more.

How can Mo-Sys help your business access Virtual Production

If you have seen an opportunity for your business to efficiently create more video content, respond quickly to market condition and improve communications through Virtual Production, then reach out to Mo-Sys.

Mo-Sys is an award winning, world-renowned manufacturer of virtual production solutions & camera robotics for Film, TV & Broadcast and were the first to establish a Virtual Production Academy which uniquely focusses on hands-on practical VP training tailored to transfer knowledge and build confidence.

Learn more about Corporate Virtual Production, what systems exist, where to find training and how your business could benefit from the many creative advantages.

Download the Corporate Virtual Production brochure:


Download the Corporate Virtual Production brochure

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