Startup Magicbox has recently announced the launch of the first Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio™, a semi-trailer designed to make motion picture technology more accessible to any content producer.

The First Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio™

Magicbox CEO Brian T. Nowac said, “At Magicbox, our goal is to develop a platform of affordable solutions which democratize technology and make it accessible to any content producer. We are very excited to finally unveil our prototype Superstudio which we believe will revolutionize motion picture and video productions by making it easier to produce more creative content, faster, cheaper, and safer than ever possible before.”

As a strategic partner of the event, Mo-Sys will provide first sight of its new StarTracker Max and will be joined by many other technology partners showcasing prototypes and new products throughout the evening.

This exclusive launch event will take place on Friday, August 19 at Stargate Studios in LA. You can watch the reveal of the Magicbox by joining the live streamed event Friday night at 7:30 pm PST here>