An array of accessories for Mo-Sys systems

Lens Encoding

Unlike other tracking systems our kit is mounted directly to the lens, avoiding backlash, for precise position data of the focus and zoom ring. Ideal for permanent studio set-ups. A spring-load mechanism makes sure the gearwheel is touching the lens ring at all time with no slippage. It easily adapts to every standard lens, thanks to its flat design, that allows it to be mounted to even the shortest lenses, and a set of interchangeable gearwheels for Canon and Fujinon. 

Besides mounting kits we also offer serial interfaces to most common lenses, Fujinon, Canon and Angenieux, that allow us to obtain the data directly.

Power Supply (24V/20A)

To power our systems - including remote heads.

Power Supply (24V/6A)

To power our systems.

Lemo Cable Extender

A simple solution to extend Lemo cables.


A simple solution to terminate our system.

Triple Fiber Gateway

Triple 19”rack data converter for virtual data over fiber.


The Mo-Sys Gateway is the brain module of the Mo-Sys system. It converts bus data to serial RS422/232 data for VR applications, utilising our own F4 protocol. The data is synced with the video source using Genlock.


Radio technology offers a wireless solution for operating our remote heads. As a simple cable replacement, with 8ms it has virtually no delay and offers almost instant responsiveness. The radios are added to both the head end and the operating end. This requires a power source on both sides. It has a range of up to 300 metres, when there are no obstructions, such as walls and mountains, between the radios.

Mo-Sys Bus cable

The Mo-Sys bus cable with Lemo interface combines power and data in one cable for a tidy solution on set. Simply put the devices in a daisy chain, power up on one end and terminate the other.