Floor-based robotic camera system
Designed for broadcast cameras, with optional column for vertical movements

Icon Payload 25kg

Mo-Sys is extending the ViaRail product range, a family of broadcast travelling rail systems. The ViaDolly comes with an optional column allowing vertical camera movements. The rails can be customised and built to any length, exploring the whole studio from one end to the other, and allowing for curves with a minimum radius of 4m. The longest rail installed to date is 50m. The unique rubber capped rail provides a single continuous running surface, reduces noise and removes joint ripple.

The dolly comes with a pneumatic column for vertical camera movements. Depending on the configuration it offers an up-and-down travel range of 50 to 70cm. The dolly with special gearing for its wheels is fast (around 5 mph), strong and quiet. The dolly runs on a customised rubber capped, seamless track that is available with straight or bent sections, with the minimal bend radius being 4m. The track gauge is 35cm. A bar-code along the rails provides accurate positional data.
B20 head
The B20 was specially designed with virtual set applications in mind and lends itself to long term installations in TV studios. It has the same fast response and strong gears as our other heads, yet it is lighter and more cost efficient. What’s more, the optimised gear drives make it extremely quiet - which renders it perfect for live studio environments.
Control Interface
The Shotbox, either for PC with touchscreen or as a standalone single-operator console, controls the dolly, head and lens. It offers an interface for storing and recalling positions and managing projects.


Technical Specifications

Payload 25kg
Power 110-240V AC