StarTracker VFX

Complete Virtual Production Toolset
with Unreal Plugin

For live-action filming in immersive digital worlds to all levels of the film industry, streamlining previz, on-set and post production pipelines for visual effects.

  • High quality camera tracking
  • Unrestricted Unreal Plugin
  • StarTracked multiple objects, characters and lighting fixtures
  • Built-in chroma-keyer for pre-visualisation
  • Take home everything you need for post-production
  • Timecode synchronization
  • Camera and MoCap data recording
  • FBX export
Unreal Plugin
StarTrackerVFX comes with a plugin for Unreal and as such is not limiting you in your workflow. It allows you to tap into the raw power of Unreal, giving full flexibility and creative freedom. StarTrackerVFX was specifically tailored for virtual productions and VFX heavy filming – with many features that simplify VFX shots. It offers on-set visualization, scene blocking in virtual worlds, data-recording and even allows for MoCap integration.
Xsens MoCap Suit Integration
Xsens, the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology, offers a full-body 3D Kinematics solution that combined with our StarTracker technology makes MoCap more reliable and robust, increasing the overall real-time tracking performance. StarTracker’s absolute tracking eliminates the drift over time that is inherent to inertia based body-suits. It also allows for movements that are not anchored to the floor, like riding a skateboard or cycling a bike.
Director's Viewfinder
A StarTracker is mounted to a small monitor that tracks every movement. The director can grab the monitor and use it as a window into the virtual world. It allows him/her to frame the scene, create and practice camera moves, without having to guess where the virtual objects are.