Straight camera rail system
Designed for simple vertical or horizontal movement with ENG type cameras

Icon Payload 15kg (33 lbs)

This space-friendly solution for travelling shots comes with an easy to install monorail and a B20 remote head.

The RoboRail is the economic solution for linear traveling shots. Less complex than ViaRail it features a horizontally or vertically installed monorail with a length of up to 6 metres that can be bolted to the wall, ceiling or floor, giving plenty of options for dynamic viewpoint changes. It is easy to set up and space-friendly with a small foot print.
Space friendly
With a slow travelling viewpoint you can, for example, spice up your new and interviews. Or it can be used to reach areas that are hard to get to with standard camera systems, such as a revealing shot 6 metres above the ground. Using RoboRail eliminates the need for an expensive and large telescopic crane, with two operators and a lot of space.
The movements can be controlled via joystick console or recorded and played back with pre-programmable ShotBox. In short, the RoboRail is also an inexpensive self-contained motion control unit.


Technical Specifications

Payload 15 kg (33 lbs)