Virtual Camera Pan-Bar

Intuitive virtual camera control with pan-bar and VR tracking output.

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Taken from our range of precise made remote heads, the pan-bar is a simple approach to controlling the pan and tilt of a virtual camera inside the Unreal Engine. Like our encoded Handwheels the Virtual Camera Pan-Bar system is aimed entirely at virtual productions.

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Intuitive control

For inexperienced operators the Pan-Bar setup offers much easier camera control, facilitating natural following-shots or achieving demanding close-ups. Frame your shot and accurately record manual camera movements enabling you to pre-visualizing everything in 3D/CGI beforehand. As with all of our virtual production tools, these can be used in UE4 using our free tracking plugin which is available on the UE4 marketplace.

Intuitive control

Technical Specifications

Encoder resolution 4 million ticks/revolution

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