Mo-Sys Engineering recently joined forces with MoxionQTAKE and OVIDE to show a ground-breaking collaborative virtual production workflow at the HPA Tech Retreat 2022.

The new Mo-Sys NearTime® service solves one of the key challenges of LED in-camera VFX (ICVFX) production – increasing real-time Unreal image quality versus maintaining real-time frame rates.

Watch Mo-Sys Technical Director James Uren demonstrate the workflow in the video above.


  • Higher quality real-time VFX shots – increased real-time VFX quality and/or resolution, reviewable onset, for minimal additional cost and time
  • Ready within ICVFX delivery window – deliver higher quality real-time VFX shots in the same real-time VFX delivery window
  • Fully automated workflow – no operator intervention, no post-production required
  • Uses lower cost LED volumes – no need for fine pixel pitch LED tiles – the LED volume is now just for scene lighting on the talent
  • Max scene lighting/Minimal green spill – ‘Smart green’ gives just enough green behind talent to separate them, enabling the maximum amount of the LED volume to be used for creating scene lighting on the talent
  • No LED colour gamut issues – re-rendered Unreal scenes are not displayed in the LED volume
  • No Moiré patterning – re-rendered Unreal scenes are not displayed in the LED volume, and are not captured by the camera
  • Any VP screen technology – can be used on VP productions shooting in green, blue, or LED volumes
Mo-Sys Neartime workflow
ICVFX workflows with NearTime™️

How does it work?

  • Mo-Sys – VP Pro XR/StarTracker provides onset real-time VFX composite preview
  • Qtake/Ovide – captures each camera take of talent shot against LED volume, with minimal green surround, and creates an alpha of the talent
  • Mo-Sys – NearTime sends camera tracking and lens data to the cloud where the Unreal background plates are re-rendered with increased quality and/or resolution
  • Moxion – NearTime Unreal re-renders land back in Moxion, and are composited together using the alpha, with the resultant composite made available for review
ICVFX shoot


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