CineGear Expo: 31st May - 2nd June 2019

In just a few weeks time, we'll be heading to LA as Cine Gear Expo 2019 returns to Hollywood. Taking place on 31st May - 2nd June at Paramount Studios in the heart of Hollywood, we'll be bringing our new and improved industry standard remote heads such as the L40 and Lambda 2.0, as well as our complete virtual production toolkit, StarTrackerVFX.

For the first time at Cine Gear, attendees can see StarTrackerVFX our innovative camera tracking technology which has been designed to simplify visual effects workflows. Adapted from our patented, broadcast-orientated camera tracking system StarTracker, StarTrackerVFX is a complete toolkit that enables on-set pre-vis in real-time. Utilising the raw power of the Unreal Engine, we simplify virtual film production and enable you to film anywhere, and at any time.

Real-time Camera Tracking with StarTrackerVFX

StartrackerVFX from Mo-Sys Channel on Vimeo.

Visitors at the show can see StarTrackerVFX at three stands across the event. On our own stand (122), we will be using the StarTrackerVFX system outdoors to demonstrate immersive augmented reality graphics in real-time. On the ZEISS stand (49), we will show StarTrackerVFX in combination with Zeiss lenses that output real-time lens data including lens distortion parameters. For this, we will show an AR demo featuring a real-time ray-traced virtual set with the lens switching between distortion on and off. In addition, we have teamed up with ARRI and Stargate Studios (S209), where they will showcase a mixed-reality, full-VFX workflow using StarTrackerVFX.

Film Remote Heads: L40 and Lambda 2.0

In addition, attendees can see our highly precise film remote heads which have been critical to the filming of Aquaman, The Shape of Water, Life of Pi, Spectre and Gravity among others. On show is the Lambda 2.0, our new and improved high-end remote head which has dominated the industry over the last 15 years. You can see these on our stand (122) in the 'New York Streets' outdoor area.

If you would like to book a meeting please get in touch at or you can find us at booth 122.
We look forward to seeing you at the show!