We have received a number of enquiries related to similar appearing technologies that have arrived in the market soon after the patented Mo-Sys StarTracker and requests from clients to provide further information on whether any of these infringe our patents. The question of whether a technology infringes can only be decided by a court and not ourselves, however here we attempt to present the situation as factually as possible while remaining brief. Please contact us if you would like further information beyond that presented below:

Mo-Sys have filed a patent infringement complaint against STYPE CS d.o.o and STYPE NORWAY AS (“STYPE”) with the Regional Court of Düsseldorf for infringement of claim 1 of the German Part of the Mo-Sys European Patent EP 2 962 284 B1. Our complaint to the German Court concerns STYPE’s “REDSPY optical tracking system”, which is distributed in Germany. Mo-Sys claims injunctive relief, recall/removal, destruction, provision of information and rendering of accounts as well as damages.

We believe that STYPE’s “REDSPY optical tracking system” makes use of claim 1 of the above patent. Claim 1 protects an optical navigation system comprising a camera and a plurality of randomly positioned retroreflective markers located at spaced apart locations from the camera. That is, it requires no predetermined, precisely positioned retroreflective markers.

STYPE have denied infringement of claim 1 of the patent-in-suit and have requested that the complaint be dismissed. Of course, whether or not STYPE’s “REDSPY optical tracking system” infringes claim 1 of our patent (i.e. the German Part of the Mo-Sys European Patent EP 2 962 284 B1) in Germany is to be determined by the German Court.

We would like to emphasize again that the invention is the result of years of development and is also subject matter of a granted US patent (US10,275,899) and pending patent applications in Asia (Indian patent application no.8968/DELNP/2015 and Hong Kong patent application no. 16107892.6).